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Кавказские Обеды в Gayane’s!

C 12.00 до 18.00 скидка на все меню 20% при наличной оплате. Ланч-сеты с национальными блюдами от 290 руб.
Gayan Breiova
«At last, I realized my dream — I have opened the restaurant where all dishes of my childhood are presented, where I am able to treat and without any words open the whole history and authentic preparation of dishes, which taste and aroma I have still remembered.»
— The restaurateur Gayan Breiova

The restaurant "Gayane's" in Moscow is the project of famous restaurateur Gayane  Breiova. It is situated in the centre of Moscow - walking distance from the metro station "Smolenskaya".
The lower hall is designed in a country style, here you can watch the chefs cooking in the open kitchen. The upper hall is slightly different, refined atmosphere - relaxing and comfortable.
The dishes presented in the menu based on the unique recipes, handed down for centuries from one generation to another. Bar menu includes wine, perfectly shielding the dishes from the menu.
The restaurant "Gayane" offers gastronomic master  classes for adults and children, bachelorette,
intellectual brunches.
Restaurant "Gayane's" will also help you to organize office parties and family dinner.

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